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The interior design Djoconda is 11 years in architecture and interior design. That for us a huge time and experience.Our interiors are accurate and, sometimes contrasting, and sometimes full of color. We love fashion and watch it trying to feel the pulse of the metropolis, so that your interiors can collect all the best in a suitable budget for you. In fact, it’s very difficult to talk about interiors, which they can say for themselves.

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To date, we are participants in 2018 Europe Property Awards. The winners will be awarded on November 4, 2018 in London. And your interior can be represented there, which is prestigious, and therefore profitable for any business.  And, of course, in the first place it is prestigious for us.

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We do interior design quickly, efficiently and professionally. We comply with the European approach to work and always give high-quality repairs.

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There is a service of interior design and construction of feng shui

If you have an interior that needs a design and you are abroad or for some other reason it is more convenient for you to send the assignment to an e-mail, then write here: