Paintings by Djoconda availability

Artist Anastaiia Dj Djoconda and her paintings availability.

Today there are 2 discounted paintings. The works were created in simpler techniques, but they were written by my hand. And today you can buy them not expensive.Hurry to buy before the price goes up.

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Gdansk`s woman, 20*30 cm, canvas, acrylic, 2021.

Owl, 20*30 cm, canvas, acrylic, 2021.

Paintings available In more complex techniques:

Gossip, 20*50 cm, canvas, acrylic, 2021.

Thief, 20*30 cm, canvas, acrylic, 2021.

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Female hippo and her husband, 20*50 cm, acrylic, 2021.

Ukrainian-Polish border? 20*50 cm, 2021

For questions about cost and purchase, please contact the mail:

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